• May 30, 2024

What Its Like to Be a Nurse at the Local Emergency Room

Being an emergency room nurse in a local hospital is among the most stressful and challenging careers ever. These nurses must deal with everything, from dramatic patients to 12-hour shifts. A nurse’s day at the local emergency room starts with a heavy breakfast as they pack their lunch.

Unlike other professions, nurses are always on the clock and don’t have the luxury of time when preparing.

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The only not-fun part of this profession is you may go days without ever seeing the sun, especially during winter. Be ready to spend most of your days in scrubs as you leave home at dawn and often return home after sunset. Depending on your proximity to the hospital, you’ll need to get out of bed at least an hour before the reporting time.

The thing about being a nurse at the local emergency room is that there are never slow days. They work with physicians and other healthcare practitioners to provide patients with evidence-based care. Some of the daily roles of an ER nurse include dispensing medication, taking blood samples, cleaning lacerations, and operating medical equipment. After a 12-hour shift, all you want to do when you get home is rest as you prepare for the next shift.

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