• July 24, 2024

What to Expect Out of Tactical Medical Kit

First responders and military personnel carrying individual medical kits may wonder what the contents of these kits may be. In this YouTube video, the contents of the kits are reviewed. A tactical medical kit is useful for field operations by police and military personnel.

One of the best features of the kits is their ability to be used one-handed. This level of accessibility means the person using the kit can access its contents with one hand while using the other hand to climb or use a weapon.

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Individual kits are intended to carry articles specifically designed to help victims of the three leading preventable causes of battlefield casualties: blood loss, airway obstruction, and pneumothorax (punctured lung.)

On the inside of the kit, the user will find two nitrile gloves, an aluminum eye shield, and a permanent marker. To handle bleeding, the kit includes compressed gauze, a tourniquet, an emergency bandage, shears, a hemostat, and duct tape. The punctured lung will require a decompression needle and a chest tube. To reopen the airway, the kit includes a nasopharyngeal airway

These kits are available in black, camo, brown, or gray. The kits have a cloth loop on the outside, so they can be clipped onto the responder’s belt or belt loop. According to Chinook, each tactical kit weighs approximately 1.35 pounds.


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